Its been an xtra long weekend with the national day of Catalunya today, so we got to escape the city, and drove off to Sitges, a lovely Mediterranean coastal town, a seaside resort some 35km southwest of Barcelona. Sitges has great beaches and is recognized as one of the most charming towns of the Catalan coast. The city which overlooks the Mediterranean has large avenues, narrow streets, four museums and a walk in the old town is a must when visiting.

Sitges has always been characterized by its tolerance, both of the locals and open-mindedness of visitors too. It's definitely a convivial village where all people are welcome regardless of colour, religion or sexual orientation.

We had a day of relaxing by the beach, and then we ate a pizza before heading back to Barcelona. I'm sure we'll be back to visit another time.

The kids are in school tomorrow morning, so we're back at it, getting into our new routines 💕

This must be the Ultimate best feeling in the World.

I just love when Dexter wake from his nap, cause then I get to cuddle and kiss him as much as I want❤️

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