Its the national day of Catalonia, here in Barcelona. A abig public holiday, that they celebrate in a day-long festival. It commemorates the fall of Barcelona during the War of the Spanish Succession. Which means for us, that the weekend got even longer, and we can enjoy 29degrees by the water, and get some VitamineSea💕

The boys are going back to school and daycare tomorrow, and I am exited to see if the good vibes will carry on. We had 2 really successful days last week, of them being there on their own, while I was waiting outside the school for them. Its a quite big thing, leaving your kids in a new school, with a new language and in a new country. For me it's important that they feel safe, so we're slowly taking it day by day... I know it takes time to start a new life, I have no intentions of rushing into it - so we're taking it on as it comes and soaking in all the new surroundings, routines and daily life... I also have a lot of work to catch up with, but mostly I spend my evenings alone infront of the computer and trying to deal with all the stuff on my to-do list. Last week I openened a back account and got myself and the boys the NIE (Spanish national security number) - yay, I can soon call ourselves real Spanish citizens😝🙈

Dress by ComfyCopehagen & glasses by RetroSuperFuture

Dexter Cool wearing super cool - eco and sustainable clothing from VIGGA

Yesterday we went by Sean and his papa by HotelW, enjoyed a few hours by the pool and then headed back. I've rented a car here, until I find a leasing deal, cause I needed to drive the kids every morning, but in the weekends, it's pretty much just parked, as I love that we can just walk around and look up on all the beautiful buildings... and it's good health👅

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